Relocation services for students

Students Relocation in Italy

Current students that are planning a period of education in Italy will for sure have a great opportunity to face a new culture and broaden their horizons.

There are many aspects to be managed in order to be transferred abroad. Our job is to keep you updated about courses, possible benefits and scholarships.

Even if you already benefit from a scholarship, or are part of a university program, you will certainly need to be provided with an accommodation suited to your needs, other than administrative issues, suitable language course, as well as, trying to continue to cultivate your hobbies and passions.

We at People Interplay can support you in every step of your transfer in Italy, from the formalities, as in looking for accommodation and also advising you on the basis of issues such as public services, safety and recreation opportunities.

We also provide complete assistance throughout the period of your stay in Italy. You can consult us for practical advice, contacts and directions of gyms, various kinds of courses, transport, healthcare and everything that can help you feel at home.

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