Travel and Pre-Arrival Orientation

We can serve as a first contact point for a client. During the first contact, we will fully analyze your preferences.
We provide practical advice on the new destination, tour guidance, and information that can give potential expats a thorough knowledge of the area. The “look-see trip” is a tool of unquestionable efficacy that can show a foreign family what a potential destination can offer in terms of finding a house, cost of living, international schools, health care, traffic, transport, general pros and cons, and any other issues of interest.

Short-Term Accommodation

We can help with the search for accommodation, whether you’re seeking a residence or a fully furnished apartment.

Property Search

Our experts can search for properties that meet your criteria, accompany you on viewings, and assist with contract negotiation, property inspection, inventory verification, and utility connection.

Transportation Services

Our partnerships with the best transportation companies enable us to provide a comprehensive transportation service that takes care of every step, from planning and delivery to customs clearance.

Visas, Work Permits, and Immigration Services

We work with a competent law firm to help navigate the procedures required for immigration, visas, and residence permits for workers and families. Our experts can also advise on banking, driver’s licenses, insurance services, and local registrations.

Education Consultancy

We can provide information about educational options and help find schools that meet the needs of the family. In addition, we can attend school meetings or visits and help walk you through the enrolment process.

Assistance During Acclimatization

We can help you hire domestic staff or babysitters. We can help you set up utilities such as telephone lines and satellite TV. Our service can also assist you with renting furniture or cars.

Support for Partners

We can help you and your loved ones find training courses, expat networks, recreational activities, and sports.

Language Training

Let us help you find a course that suits your needs and your interests. After all, the ability to speak the local language increases your confidence in work and leisure whilst also helping you build and solidify social relationships.

Cross Cultural service, Recreation, and Leisure

We can help you answer the all-important questions of where to go, what to see, and what to do. We can help you find courses (cooking, sommelier, art, etc.), activities, attractions, and other places of interest.

Telephone Support

Our telephone support staff is on hand to help new transfers overcome any difficulties they encounter in daily life.

Departure and Repatriation Services

When it’s time to head home, we can help with lease termination, general property inspection, inventory review, meter readings, service cancellations, bank account closures, insurance matters, and security deposit returns.