Relocation services for Single or Couple

Relocation services for Single or Couple

If you are thinking of moving abroad alone or with your partner, for work, study or personal reasons, you will definitely need skilled professionals and reliable individuals to guide you in this endeavor.

Moving abroad is not like planning a vacation. There are many aspects, bureaucratic and not, to manage and plan. Starting from moving and searching for a housing solution that suits you best. It will also be necessary to provide for all the administrative and bureaucratic issues (clearances, visas, residence permits, residence registration, contract management utilities, advice on banking management, driving license etc.), such as finding a job, new friends and continuing to cultivate your own interests and hobbies.

We at People Interplay have made your requirements our job.

The experience gained over the years and the vast network of our own contacts, allow us to offer a complete and highly qualified service, supporting you in every step of your new life in Italy.

People Interplay is in fact much more than a simple Relocation Agency. Our services are not only limited to ensure a perfect management of all the logistical difficulties and practices of a transfer abroad, but are aimed at ensuring a peaceful interaction and constructive exchange with the local culture.

We work alongside the choice of a language course, a gym, recreation, medical services and everything else you will need to make you feel at home.

Tell us about your needs, and we will find the right solution for you!

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