Relocation Retirees

Relocation in Italy for retirees

Retirement is perhaps the best time of life to decide to move abroad. But it is a decision that involves many aspects to manage. Starting from the economic (income, social security benefits, tax system etc.) to logistic manners (removals, administrative etc.) and healthcare (looking for a doctor, exemptions, etc.). Not to mention all the aspects related to the interaction with a new culture, which contribute significantly to improving the quality of life in the country of destination.

We at People Interplay offer personalized services tailored for every need. Thanks to our experience in cross-cultural services, we are able to support our customers at every stage of the transfer and of their stay in Italy.

We work alongside the management of the transfer, helping you search for the accommodation best suited to your needs, and handling of all administrative and bureaucratic issues. But not only.

People Interplay is much more than a mere Relocation agency. We firmly believe in the services and social interaction. This is why we pay special attention to the social and emotional aspects of each person, using cognitive interviews designed to satisfy all of your needs.

Our goal is to make you feel at home at any time, searching for the best recreational activities, most qualified language courses, most efficient transportation and most reliable health facilities.

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