Relocation in Italy for personal individuals

Every day thousands of people both young and old decide to embark on a new life abroad. Many choose to either move for work, studies, for sentimental reasons, spend retirement or just to look for a new place to live.

Moving abroad is not like planning a vacation. There are many aspects to manage: moving, housing, bureaucratic issues, health insurance, finding schools for children etc.

Thanks to the personal experience gained over the years, we at People Interplay are able to offer personalized services and are highly qualified and able to assist you in every step of your new life by moving to full interaction with the local culture.

We will provide practical advice on the destination before your arrival, we will select the best suppliers to handle your transfer and find the most appropriate housing solution. We will quickly provide all the paperwork (clearance, visas, residence permits, registration of residence, etc.) and, once taking care of those procedures, we will offer full support to ensure a perfect acclimatization.

We at People Interplay firmly believe in the concept of social interaction; we reserve a particular attention to the social and emotional aspects of people who rely on us, constantly supporting them in all aspects, which contribute significantly in improving the quality of life and work abroad.

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