About us

We are an italian Company formed by people who have lived in more than 6 different countries.

We have experienced first hand what it means to be in a foreign country, with different cultures and languages, far from our home.

From the union of our own experiences and values, ​​People Interplay was born. A young and dynamic company whose priority is to offer a complete professional support to all those who intend to pursue a new life in Italy, whether for business or personal reasons.

Our goal is to make you feel at home, or as close to it as possible showing the best that Italy has to offer, stimulating interaction with the territory, as well as attending to all the practical and logistical tasks that involve a transfer.

Veronica Botelho
Veronica BotelhoAdministrator & Customer Care
In founding People Interplay, Brazilian Veronica Botelho drew upon her expat experiences in England, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, Catalonia and Italy to develop a service that caters to the specific needs of foreign people moving to Italy. Her people skills and ability to speak five languages come in quite handy in her work as our social media manager, and her thorough knowledge of Florence and the Florentine way of life make her well-suited to act as your “right hand” as you navigate the often complicated process of moving and immersing. She coordinates the entire operation including customer care and our cross-cultural program as well as blog administration.

Veronica is the mother of two adorable little girls, and in her spare time, she enjoys music, reading, and writing. She is currently studying psychology at the Università degli studi di Firenze. Her past experience includes volunteering in Catalonia to help refugee families interact with Catalan culture. Her experience, education, and personality all come together in helping create her vision of making People Interplay stand out from other relocation agencies on account of its highly personalized service and focus on cultural exchange.

Samio Cabral
Samio CabralResident Researching Whiz
Samio Cabral uses his expertise in several disciplines to help make People Interplay the dynamic company that it is. He spent his childhood in Brazil before moving to Florence at the age of seven, and he now speaks four languages fluently, among them Italian and Portuguese. The experiences he had as an expat living in places as varied as Egypt, Tunisia, and Catalonia have given him the insight into living in a culture that is very different from one’s own that can only be acquired by those who have actually done it.

Samio is our resident researching whiz who can find a property to match even the most exacting standards and can provide a host of useful information on every aspect of the relocation process.

Do you want to find a nanny who is qualified to help kids with special needs or a class on 18th century art history? Samio’s your man! He is also adept at dealing with providers and handling customer care. Like everyone at People Interplay, he knows Florence inside and out and is well versed in the way things are done here. He’s known for his diplomacy and people skills. As a father of two, he loves sports and can often be found playing rugby for a local team in his spare time.

Gabriele Comparini
Gabriele CompariniAccount
Gabriele Comparini is a native Florentine who works behind the scenes handling our accounting and ensuring that the entire operation runs smoothly. At People Interplay, he takes care of paperwork and financial issues and serves as a middle man for dealing with providers.

His expertise in negotiation is legendary, enabling us to clinch the best prices on housing and services. He adheres to our goal of saving the client the most money possible and is resistant to accepting kickbacks from even the most persuasive local businesses; finding the best option for our clients is his number one goal.

Gabriele’s amazing people skills have enabled him to establish a number of useful contacts throughout the country, particularly in Florence and the surrounding area. He possesses an intimate knowledge of the region and a keen understanding of the Florentine people that one would expect from a native. He loves sports and is part of a local rugby team. He also enjoys spending time with his fun-loving dog.

We offer personalized services tailored to each person, completely managing the relocation of both private individuals and companies’ employees, whether you’re single, a couple or a family.

But that’s not all. We firmly believe in the concept of social interaction and intercultural services. Therefore we reserve extra support for the social and emotional aspects to those who rely on us, constantly supporting them at every stage of their new life.

Our customers can count on a team of professionals who are constantly present to provide, among other things, contacts, information and advice on recreational activities and sports, training courses, places to visit, activities, local events, medical services, transport, etc., all in order to guarantee serenity and well-being in your new home country.