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Moving to Italy with children

Addressing a transfer abroad with family, either for work or for personal reasons, is not easy, as it is a decision that will change not only the future of the adults but also that of their children.

There are many things to think about: moving, housing, bureaucratic issues, schools for the children, jobs, healthcare etc.

This it is the essential reason to choose trustworthy professionals to plan and manage every single aspect of this new adventure.

We at People Interplay know what it means to move to a foreign country and what this entails, especially when you have children. We have tried it first hand.

Thanks to our experience in intercultural services gained over the years, we are able to offer qualified individual services that will fully support families who want to move to Italy.

Our task is to make the best of your transfer overseas, from the first moment, allowing you to enjoy your new life abroad.

We work alongside you in planning the transfer, helping you choose the accommodation that best suits your needs, and managing rapidly the administrative issues. But that’s not all.

We offer services specifically designed for your children, for whatever age they are, that feature a number of tools to help during the adaptation phase.

Attending a new school and getting used to life in a new country is not an easy matter for a child or a teenager. For this it is important to choose the most suitable institution, and also the recreational activities and sports to practice in their free time, and eventually a reliable babysitting service.

We can help you manage this and many other aspects to ensure you and your children the greatest serenity.

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