Corporate Expat Relocation services

People Interplay has a highly qualified team able to support companies in managing the transfer in Italy of its employees, with or without family.
We take care of your employees and their families, engaging all the administrative and bureaucratic issues, keeping us up to date with the immigration laws.

We guarantee maximum efficiency in managing a transfer and searching for a suitable accommodation for the expat, up to providing complete assistance throughout the duration of the working assignment.

All of our services are custom tailored for each customer. We manage the transfer of both individual employees and entire families, providing for accommodation of the children in the best schools and providing parents a number of tools to help during the change.

We at People Interplay know all the challenges and difficulties of living in a foreign country, especially when you move with family and children.
For this we offer services aimed not only to efficiently resolve all the problems of logistics and practices, but also to ensure a complete social interaction of the expatriate with a new culture.

Having a happy and well-integrated family contributes substantially to the success of a business “assignment” abroad.

We offer support in finding leisure activities for all ages: gyms, language classes, cooking classes, programs for parents and children’s leisure. We selected contacts and practical information on transportation, medical services, offices etc., reserving our customers with a telephone service dedicated to solve any kind of problem.

Choosing People Interplay means having a team of professionals at your disposal whom will think of all the tasks, ensuring a continuous and constant presence in your transfer abroad.

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